Sweeney’s of Yaletown

Sweeney’s is a breath of fresh air into the Yaletown food scene.  My immediate thought was ‘yeah! more lunch choices’ when I need to do a ‘grab and go’.  Pretty much when Sweeney’s opened I went there right away to check it out.  This cafe took over the soup place and they revamped the spot into a simple open kitchen concept.

The menu is a gourmet take on the lunch basics of sandwich, soups, and salads.  Plus, their food is made to order.  My first time there I tried the tuna tataki sandwich and I was sold.  I’ve gone back a few times now and have enjoyed each meal..and kept forgetting to bring my camera.  Every time I’ve been there, the manager and staff were friendly and receptive to any feedback.

My bestie from across the pond came back to Vancouver to visit so I suggested we meet up at Sweeney’s for a quick bite.  We weren’t feeling too hungry so we decided to share a few things.  First,  we tried the Vegetarian “Meatball” Grinder

It’s the alternative to the meaty meatball sandwich.  The vegetarian ‘meatballs’ is a combination of brown rice (I think) and vegetables cooked in tomato sauce and then baked with a torpedo bun with provolone cheese.  The texture of the veggie meatball was a bit rubbery for me…due to the brown rice but the flavours were nice and subtle with the tomato sauce adding a zing to it.

The Sweeney’s fish chowder of the day was a creamy salmon soup
It had nice chunks of salmon and the soup base was creamy, silky and smooth.  I preferred the other fish chowder I had weeks before which was a tangy hearty soup with mussels, fish, and vegetables.  Both were good nonetheless and it’s pretty cool that they regularly change up the interpretation of a ‘fish chowder’.

I think it’s great that Sweeney’s immediately embraced social media and reached out to local businesses.  It’s down-to-earth vibe brings some much missed humility and huge sandwiches to this city’s hip sub-culture.

Sweeney’s of Yaletown
1091 Hamilton Street
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  1. 16/06/10 at 3:28

    yum! that vegetarian meatball sandwich looks delicious! and it sounds good too. it reminds me of this veggie burger i get at a cafeteria next door. that seafood chowder sounds good too! i think your blog will be my new go-to for new food places around the city! love the new layout/look btw!

  2. 16/06/10 at 3:30

    my feet fared O-K at the night market. my friends walked a lot faster than i was hoping they would so that def didn’t help lol. at the end of the night i couldn’t tell if the shoes were broken in or if my feet were just broken, probably both. the wedges are comfortable, but they just aren’t meant as walking shoes. ouch, your poor feet after hearing about those red pumps of yours! oh the things we do for shoes, eh? lol

  3. 18/06/10 at 11:36

    Whoa. Is it lunchtime yet?


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