Sea Monstr Sushi

I think if a Sea Monstr made a sound it would go ‘nom nom nom’…well that’s what I sound like when I’m ready to obliterate some food within a few bites.  When Sea Monstr Sushi silently roared into into Gastown, it forewarned people that it’ll destroy their hunger.  And they sure did.

This post has been pulled from the backlogs so it’s going to be short.  But I still remember the surprisingly great sushi I had that night.  The little restaurant is well lit and simple with the sushi bar taking up most of the space.  I wasn’t particularly hungry that night so I only ordered a couple of plates from the menu.  The menu had a nice small selection of fresh sushi which I appreciated.  My first selections were the ume shisho sushi

and the una tama maki which is bbq eel, cucumber, and daikon sprouts

Both sushis were fresh and delicate, and most importantly, simple.  I rather take a small bite of good quality basic sushi than a piece that’s the size of a tennis ball and named after an anime character or a Vancouver neighborhood.  Sea Monstr was definitely server up the former: after a couple of bites I wanted more.  It was almost addictive

I initially had some reservations about Sea Monstr Sushi because I thought it might another ‘Samurai Sushi’ or Kadoya: sushi places that are about the quantity and/or the kitsch factor in its food.  The popular kitschy quirky sushi rolls are sometimes good and sometimes over the top.  But a good piece of sushi is when you taste the delicateness and freshness of the particular main ingredient. In terms of sushi quality, Sea Monstr is quite comparable to  Toshi and Shiro in my eyes. I think it could be more ‘adventurous’ and challenge local tastebuds to more ‘authentic’ ingredients and seafood. But as of now…Gastown you got lucky with this new cuisine creature in the hood.

Sea Monstr Sushi
A – 55 Powell Street
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