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If there was an epicentre of Gastown’s finest, smartest, and/or techiest, it would be Alibi Room. I truly say that with affection. Even though I have my stucco and cement habitat in Yaletown, I call Gastown my second home. So being the epicentre, the Alibi Room is constantly busy with an expected wait time of at least 15 minutes.

When we arrived, I immediately noticed various Vancouver .com players and fellow Twitterers making themselves comfy in the room and dining away. We ended up getting seated at the rails area which was prime people watching spot. I was warned the portions were enormous…and I rarely pay heed to warnings ;)

I wanted to start off with appetizers and the chicken wings caught my eye

When the dish arrived, it took us by surprise. It was the smell coming from the dish that preceded the sight and taste: a strong almost pungent vinaigrette smell. The whole combination was odd. Somewhat crispy chicken wings with garlic, chilli, and herbs in a pool of vinaigrette like sauce. On the menu, it said that there was honey in it and I wish it was honey instead of the sauce.

Next came a deceptively sounding healthy pate

This plate I really liked and and almost finished the whole thing too! It’s a mushroom & hazelnut Pate with truffle oil, whole roasted garlic bulb & crostini. The pate was very smooth and easy to eat.

I knew that with ordering appetizers I should getting something light as my main dinner. That didn’t happen.

I ordered the mezze plate which consisted of cumin hummus, lemon parsley goat feta, spicy kalamata olives, marinated peppers & cucumber with warm flat bread. The plate is best shared by two or more people and not by one individual who’s already full. The flat bread was indeed nice and warm, and reminds me of the navajo bread that’s served at Bin 942.

I’ve been to Alibi Room a few times over the years, and always enjoy the food and friendly service. It has definitely gotten popular in recent years and pretty cool to see the who’s who in tech and design in the same room.

Alibi Room
157 Alexander Street @ Main
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