Saint Germain Bakery

When it comes to birthday cakes, my sweet tooth prefers the lightly sweet fruity cakes from Asian bakeries. I do love my desserts and sweets but not overly sugary. Thus you’d probably find me picking the blueberry pie over the Black Forest cake.

One of my favourite bakeries in town is this little spot in Oakridge Mall called Saint Germain Bakery. They have two other locations: one in Metrotown and the other at Aberdeen centre. Even though it’s under the radar, it holds big creds.

They’ve been around for 25 years and grew into becoming dessert suppliers to numerous airlines and hotels, and have retail and wholesale expanding to the States. Sain Germain has won international culinary awards throughout the years, notably as part of the 2008 Culinary Team Canada Culinary that won Gold at the Culinary Olympics. And it’s also a fantastic place if you need a last minute fresh birthday cake for a dad! I called that morning and was able to pick up our delicious mango mousse passionfruit cake later in the day.

The mango mousse was smooth and pillowy with passionfruit chunks in between. It was topped with fresh mango chunks, blueberries, and strawberries. The strawberry lychee cake is also amazing. What I like about these cakes is that there’s no thick layers of cream to weight it down..I only make an exception with their ‘woah factor’ red bean green tea bavarian cake.

Along with the cake pickup, I also decided to grab some Chinese pastries as snacks. What’s cool about the bakery is that they have a monitor which displays when a particular type of bun came fresh out of the oven.

I picked the curry beef roll, chicken pot pie, and barbecue pork buns.

The pastries are a bit more expensive than other places in which you might find deals like $2 for 3 buns. But these buns were fresh, big, and stuffed silly with fillings. They do make one of the best bbq pork buns around but do stay away from their boxed stuff like macaroons.

Saint Germain Bakery truly makes one of the best creative cakes around and who knows maybe I’ll grab a wedding cake from there too.

Saint Germain Bakery
Saint Germain Bakery (Oakridge Centre) on Urbanspoon
650 W 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z


  1. 21/02/11 at 16:44

    I so agree, this place is very good! I went here before with the bf for a quick pick-me-up snack of buns and they were fresh and quite delish. They also serve milk tea too, but it’s so-so.

  2. Senses Inspired
    22/02/11 at 0:09

    cheapiest yummiest snacks around! I use to bring those to school as lunch!

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