Q4 al Centro

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to Q4 Ristorante in Kitsilano so it was good to hear when they opened another one in downtown: the Q4 al Centro.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the ever so friendly staff. I appreciate customer service when they treat each guest as if they are a regular VIP. When I stepped, I immediately recognized Albert Chee, who once worked at Goldfish Kitchen Restaurant, managing the floor. Our charming waiter brought us to our table near the kitchen, my favourite in a spot in a restaurant, so we got to witness the hustle and bustle of the Chef and cooks.

The inside is a weird juxtaposition of fine dining, lounge, and sports bar with the big screen tvs. It definitely caters to the downtown power suit crowd who wants a decent dinner….while catching the Canucks game maybe?

We started on a nice bottle of red and studied the menu to see we what we should order for dinner.

As our starters, we went for the calamari

It’s baby calamari, citrus infused marinade, cucumber salad. It’s like a calamari ceviche but not really. It was refreshing and simple but adding a touch more citrus would have added more tang and flavour to the dish.

Next came their popular signature Radicchio Bocconcini

This was my favourite dish of the night. It’s grilled radicchio, marinated fresh mozzarella, prosciutto with cherry vinaigrette. I loved the grilled flavour to it and the subtle cherry vinaigrette didn’t overwhelm that taste.

As my dinner, I got the Ravioli Tartufo

This was a seriously heavy pasta of covered in portabella mushrooms, white truffle oil, porcini cream. The sauce was very heavy handed which made the refine cream seem like ravioli covered in canned cream of mushroom. The delicate fresh ravioli was hidden in all that cream and oil.

And of course, per usual, no surprise…I had to have dessert

It’s a Ciliegie Filate which is a tower of mascarpone cheese with phyllo pastry stacked in between topped it with sour cherries sauce. The nice and tangy sour cherries cut the richness and actually makes it a light dessert…but still best to be shared by two after a big dinner.

As mentioned, the dinner caters to the downtown movers and shakers, and the prices reflect as much. I don’t think I’ll be hitting this spot often unless I want to impress some deep pocket tourists. On the other hand, there are other fine dining restaurants in that area that serves good food at a more reasonable price.

Q4 al Centro
780 Richards Street
Vancouver, BC V6B
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  1. 18/04/11 at 9:14

    I’m sorry to hear the pasta was such a heavy dish! A lot of mushroom flavour and cream sauce can be rich savoury overkill, especially if there’s porcini in it too.

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