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It’s been a love hate relationship with Guu Gastown. I’ve been to all of the Guus in Vancouver and Richmond and there have been hits and misses with all of them…mostly hits though. As much as I want to support Guu Gastown, that love is losing its steam. I frequent this Gastown location quite a bit and the last few times have been frustrating. It’s a fun bustling environment and the old brick building decor is fantastic. What’s chiseling away my support for them is their frenetic staff and inconsistent food.

It just seems like their staff runs on Red Bull plus caffeine and has the attention span of a 6 year old. Even with more than enough people running around, it feels like they don’t pay attention to their customers and food orders. There’s been times where our orders have been forgotten, drinks would take more than 15 minutes to arrive, and just plain no one checking up on us. To put it bluntly, sometimes it’s like watching chickens running around with their heads cut off.

On the food front, the execution of certain menu items is greatly inconsistent; it’s as if each time we go there’s a new crew working the kitchen. We are finding that the portion, plating style, and even ingredients can change from one visit to another.  A lot of the food is still delicious but just oddly inconsistent.

For me, this location has lost its charm and quality compared to their sister restaurants. I will continue going there out of habit and their Sake Monday but like a relationship that’s coming to end….sooner or later I’m going to be breaking up with them.

I should have taken pictures of the variants in dishes but here’s a few quick shots of food I’ve tried.


Popeye Salad

Grilled Beef Shortrib


Guu Gastown (Guu With Otokomae)
375 Water St
Vancouver, BC V6B
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  1. 27/05/11 at 9:42

    As a longstanding supporter of Guu Gastown, I could not agree more. The average time to get a drink upon getting a table is now more than 10 minutes. Even when the room is almost empty, the staff is running madly between stations, never looking at their tables, and I honestly don’t know what they are doing! They are running an olympic relay race… that seems unrelated to service. And good luck getting your bill. Guu Gastown has been great for a very long time, and I hold out hope that they hire in a good manager and get this under control before I too have to break up with them.

  2. 30/05/11 at 11:36

    I should really stop looking at your blog before lunchtime. I’m starving and all this talk of Guu doesn’t help!


  3. 31/05/11 at 9:10

    i haven’t been to Guu Gastown and I guess in some senses, I always expect less than average service at Izakayas. however, after hearing this review, I’m even less likely to go try out Guu Gastown. there’s so many other izakayas in town so I won’t bother with it.

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