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Like the many Chinese kids who grew up in a traditional Chinese household, I attended my fair share of lavish banquets. These banquets are a special gathering of friends and family to celebrate the most important moments of our lives: birthdays, weddings, births and more. This celebration consists of filling our senses with food that represents wealth, prosperity, and luck. The most important dish of them all is the Shark Fin Soup.

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Admittedly I’ve had numerous bowls and, yes, enjoyed each spoonful in my mouth. There’s really not much taste to the sinewy stringy shark fin in the soup. The thick broth consists mostly of other ingredients really. This simple soup dates back to the time of dynasties and kingdoms so its considered a privilege to serve it a dinner.

Over the last years, there’s been a movement to reveal the harsh treatments of the sharks and how it negatively impacts the environment. Pretty much the shark is captured, the fin is cut off, and then thrown back overboard to drown. This practice is heart-breaking, inhumane, and environmentally unfriendly.

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The upcoming San Shark Fin Soup Contest helps bring awareness about the issue and demonstrates alternatives to having Shark Fin Soup.

Below is the information about the exciting event and go check out Gourmet Fury’s site for a chance to win tickets to the contest.

Date: Thursday, Oct 13 (6-9pm)
Location: Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel.
What: We’ve invited chefs in Vancouver (including the chef from Wild Rice – Bao Bei may also participate) to create an alternative soup that is ocean-wise and preferably using local sustainable ingredients as the requirement. Guests will have a tasting of each soup and help select a winner for the People’s Choice Award. We’ve also invited a judging panel, including Melody Fury, to select a winner for the Grand Prize.

The event proceeds goes to SharkTruth.

Let me know if you’re interested in coming and if you can help me get the word out.

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  1. 02/10/11 at 22:23

    I never liked shark fin soup. It was expensive and the shark’s fin didn’t taste like anything. The soup base itself is good but I’ve seen it cooked with different protein and it tastes even better.

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