Thierry Patisserie

Thierry, a heavenly patisserie and cafe, that opened in the chic area where Tiffany’s is around the block and Hotel Vancouver is down the end of the street. Thierry Busset, who helped make Cin Cin’s dessert menu one of the city’s finest, leveraged his talents, experiences and entrepreneurial skills in opening a cafe that has become a ‘sweet’ darling of local food critics (see what I did there ;)

I finally made the trip to the much lauded cafe and for sure I need to make a repeat visit soon!

I only tried a few so this is going to be a short, but delicious, post. I ordered my desserts to go so I pretty much annihilated them when I got home….apologies for no close up pics! One of the items I ordered was their famous macarons.

Guess it was late in the afternoon and items were getting sold out, so the macarons display wasn’t its usual colourful self but doesn’t mean it didn’t taste as good. I ordered coffee, maple, chocolate pistachio, and chocolate caramel. Each macaron was $1.75 so the price wasn’t too bad. I’ve ate my fair share of macarons when I was in Paris so I had high expectations. They tasted lovely and sweet but not quite up to the par with ones I’ve tried. Original Parisian macarons are crispy and light with just a slight chewiness to it. Thierry’s were more chewy and not as airy as I preferred but the flavours were there.

I also grabbed some of the assorted homemade chocolates

For your biting pleasure, there is a selection of fruit ganache, different flavoured ganache, praline, marzipan, and many more. I ordered a couple of the ganaches and praline and they were wonderfully smooth and delicate with each bite.

My affinity for the sweet and tart led me to do a final order of the day…the raspberry fruit tart

This was easily my favourite. It’s a layer of tender nutty sweet crust, light creamy vanilla custard, a bit of raspberry jam, and topped with fresh raspberries. I liked the balance of the flavours where it not too sweet with the berries on top to give it that right amount of punch.

For the chilly weather like this, I want to head over there and order a nice warm cup of coffee, indulge in a sweet or two, and pretend I was in Paris again

Thierry Patisserie
1059 Alberni Street
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  1. 19/01/12 at 16:03

    there’s been so many times I’ve passed by and wanted to go in! Too bad parking is a pain around there. I’ve heard wonderful things about this place so maybe one day I’ll stop in. As you know I’m not a big fan of macaron, even the ones from Paris but the chocolates and tarts look superb.

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