EAT! Vancouver 2012

With my ‘media’ pass in hand, I was ready to rock n roll and do some eating at this year’s EAT! Vancouver

Couple of years ago when I first got the media pass, I was tickled pink as it was the ‘first’ official sign that I was finally accepted and recognized as ‘media’.

This year’s EAT! Vancouver 2012 was held at the newly renovated BC Place.  With this new venue, we saw more vendors and a spacious room which made it feel less claustrophobic.  As we strolled up and down the aisles, well more like meandering, we saw the familiar event attendees and some new kids on the block.  My friends and I joked about how many more bottles of infused oils and seasoned salts and pepper we could get to fill our cupboards.

JR Watkins

Another popular must get is some jar of sauce.  I absolutely regretted not getting a truffle pesto but these healthy delicious ones by Maison Le Grand caught my eye.

Summer (hopefully) is around the corner and there was a number of vendors that would for sure inspire your inner outside BBQ Masterchef.  Maybe try a hand on of slapping one of these meats on the barby?

Hill's Foods

If you wanted to indulge at the festival, there were some tastes of the finer things in life….like a beautifully 10 year old aged balsamic vinegar.  It even sounds too precious to use just like a very fine bottle of wine.

Acetaia Dodi

Along with trying the savoury, my sweet tooth was beckoning me. I have some reservations when it comes to gluten free baked good, pastries and desserts but these macarons by Kitchening with Carly might have changed my mind.  The texture of crisp and lightness was consistent to a regular macaron and it was packed full of sugary flavours.

I had to stand and admire the handiwork of cute and detailed Binh’s Lollicakes (as per the name, it’s a cake in lollipop form).  I really couldn’t bare eating up all of that hardwork in one big bite…well maybe I could have ;)

It was nearly mid afternoon when we realized we were in dire need of a drink.  It’s not too early for a shot of something right?

Aside from the food, there were some kitchenware booths and these muthafukin’ awesome wine holders.  My in-the-closet ‘hoarder’/hobbyist side of me wanted to start collecting these.  And I don’t even have booze at my place!

Another big year of food and wine, and a showcase of the growing scene in Vancouver.  It was really too bad I missed the Celebrity Stage demos…heard David Rocco is quite the looker in person ;)

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