Pourhouse Restaurant

I’ve sat at that handsome bar many times and with various friends. It held my numerous drinks and kept my countless secrets. With one hand around a well-crafted cocktail, I’ve shared aspirations, jokes, heartaches, frustrations, fears, and achievements with my close ones. Sometimes the bartenders would lend their ear and nudge a drink our way to either ease our pains or celebrate with us.

When I was new to cocktails and could only muster up a basic sketch of what I wanted, the bartenders would stand there attentively and pondered. They pondered with seriousness of what this novice wanted and would magically create concoctions that matched my mood of the moment. And overtime I learned to develop a palette and can confidently declare my drink of the night.

These dapper bartenders, in their suave ensemble, have character and charm. They know it’s not just about the drinks, it’s also about the service and experience. They may not know your name but they’ll recognize your face, and more than likely they’ll remember your drinks weapon of choice. They treat everyone who sit at the bar with equal care. They don’t balk at the idea of using vodka in a drink nor would they flinch when a group of Cougars ask for a round of Cosmopolitans. They would nod, smile, and affirm your drink is on its way.

It’s also about the food. I’ve committed all sorts of diet and food sins at this restaurant. Sometimes a dish of gourmet comfort is hard to deny. After a few drinks, my appetite would manipulate me to order more and assuage some unknown craving.

It’s hard to find that neighborhood bar or restaurant where you feel at ease; the type of bar where you can wearily walk in after work, occupy a comfortable stool and call it a second home. Even though Pourhouse has gotten busy and popular over the years, when I’m there with one of my best friends or with a group of wonderful people (you know who you are)…I call it my second home.

Pourhouse Restaurant
162 Water St
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