The Little Joys

I was trying to figure out if I should post this blog on this website or on my tumblr. At the end, I thought it was fitting to write my thoughts here as this little website has made such a huge difference and impact on my life.

My nature is to analyze and this also includes self-reflection…a lot of it. In my late 20s, most of my time was spent thinking about my career and dating. Of course my family and friends were a priority but I’d say most of energy was spent towards career progression, self improvement, and…dating (for the dating stuff you can actually go to my tumblr site instead lol). I led a very simple basic life of work, exercise, go home, hang out friends, take courses and do the occasional travelling. This all felt very ho-hum and unremarkable. As I entered my 30s and started this blog, my basic routines took on new meaning, textures, tastes, and colours; life in essence became more interesting. When I go out now, food and drinks have become a rich experience and not just a means for consuming sustenance. I relish the times I have when hanging out and laughing with old friends while making new ones. I treasure my parents and sister and glad that I have them in my life. My views on life are not necessarily profound nor even enlightening…it’s just based on enjoying the simplicities and appreciating of what you have.

My birthday this year was the most happiest for me. I celebrated with old and new friends over great food and wine at a restaurant that was intimate. There was also a nice low key night spent with my family and relatives. And I made myself go beyond my comfort zone and treated myself to a gift that made me feel empowered and beautiful. Then the day after my birthday I continued by celebrating one of my best girlfriend’s birthday with a night of having fun and dancing to my heart’s content. All in all, I truly celebrated my birthday weekend that reflected…me.

Maybe I am content with my life because I do get ridiculously happy over the most simplest things…
- having dim sum with parents
- gossiping with my sister
- making new friends
- trying out a new restaurant
- cooking a new dish that goes well
- wine and food parties and potlucks with friends
- successfully organizing my files into folders
- new pretty bed sheets and pillows
- a “Hello” or “How are you” text from a friend
- pictures of kittens, puppies, and babies
- patio lunches and dinners
- tasting a good wine or cocktail
- impromptu picnics with friends
- a dumb joke
- seeing “xoxo” at the end of a friend’s email or text
- making someone laugh with my unintentional wit or idiocy
- trying on a pair of pants or dress that fits me
- night of endless giggling and laughing
- hanging out with my girlfriends
- dancing to old school hip hop (especially if I can do it in the elevator)
- a craft project that goes well
- brunch
- redecorating my place
- getting a warm hello or wink from a stranger
- taking a real good picture that’s instagram worthy
- dissecting Game of Thrones or Walking Dead with fellow geeks
- travelling to a new city or country
- singing badly with friends at late karaoke
- basking in the sun
- having hot chocolate when it’s rainy
- loving the beauty of snow

I really don’t need an expensive bag nor go out partying to make me happy..and besides I think I’m just too practical for those now ;-) Probably my friends would beg to differ..but I like to think I’m pretty simple…simple but with remarkable experiences. For me, life is all about trying to not have regrets, seeking and conquering challenges, experiencing new things at least once, appreciating what you have, and taking joy in simplicity :)


  1. 09/07/12 at 23:12

    I love the little things in life – just like what you’ve listed here. Esp. now that our parents are getting older, spending precious time with them over things like dimsum take on a new meaning. I think our whole life experience is really composed of many series of smaller experiences, and it’s worth taking note of what the good ones are so we can try to live as many of those as possible to our heart’s content.

  2. 10/07/12 at 5:46

    Darling, I’m glad to hear about your wonderful birthday. I sorely missed you all and can’t wait to see you again. It made me smile to know that I shared many of those “simple things” with you. Many more to come, beautiful! xoxo <- :)

  3. Senses Inspired
    10/07/12 at 9:18

    @Liv It’s really because of you and your encouragement that I started this blog :) Thank you for that xoxo

  4. Senses Inspired
    10/07/12 at 9:19

    @Melody Oh girl, I miss you too! You inspire me to have fun with food and to enjoy a good drink. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!! xoxo

  5. CL
    10/07/12 at 18:48

    Happy Birthday!! Now where is the link to your tumblr acct? :)

  6. 11/07/12 at 1:52

    Thanks for being brave enough to post this and be so open on your blog. I’ve read your blog for a long time and I always value your opinions on food, but it’s a nice change to hear a more personal side of you as well. You’ve really hit on the nail that life isn’t about trying to be “exciting” it’s about being appreciative of the little things that truly make you happy. Happy Birthday!

  7. Senses Inspired
    12/07/12 at 9:10

    @MizzJ And I always appreciate your support and kind words! We need to meet up again and catch up!

  8. 12/07/12 at 12:54

    Hehe yes we do! It’s been WAY too long.

  9. 20/07/12 at 11:47

    I feel like I’m reading a post that I could have written – we have very similiar happiness triggers (sure, that’s a thing). Love all of them! One I would add, is being surrounded by cats or dogs. They make me so happy and only want love!

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