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My Social Photography Experiment

With the popularity of Instagram and the many social tools out there to share pictures, we have more avenues to disclose our daily lives to the public. Communities and memes have been created and in essence new social norms have been formed. It’s ‘normal’ now to take pictures of your food before eating, it’s unfortunately acceptable to have your phone out while being in the company of friends and family and it’s fun to take pictures of every nuance of your day (ie happy face peace sign in the middle of nowhere street!)

I have started to re-evaluate what I share in the social media realm and assess what I share convey about me. If you go through my Instagram feed, you can see over 75% of the time is about food and drinking.

The other snaps are of ‘moments’ I experience at that very…moment.

But as I thumb through my feed, I started to cringe. I cringe that my stream is pretty inconsistent of the candid vs the creative. My Type A personality doesn’t like inconsistency and imperfections. My internal ‘ugh’ goes off when I see a pixelated picture, an image that hasn’t been cropped properly or a well-crafted image followed by a picture of some hilarious mistranslated hair brush I saw at a store.

In the last few weeks, I’ve decided to take a different direction of what I want to post and follow the initial intention of Instagram: to allow photographers of all skills to share their art. Unbeknownst to many, I have a design background which at times manifests itself in the forms of crafts, writing, and cooking. But I take true joy in photography and its indefinite possibilities of creativity within one snap.  I’ll continue to take drool worthy pictures of my eating habits and snap images of beautiful Vancouver but I’ll do so with more care and with my photography lessons in mind.

I’ll also continue to smile, envy, mock, laugh, like, and comment on candid photos of your feet at the beach, your empty dish that you just inhaled, your funny looking pets and your epic road trips to Portland.

For me, I want to be forced to learn how to take ‘good’ photos but at the same time have fun with it.  I’ve placed a process for myself and it would be a social experiment of where it would lead me.

- Don’t overuse filters
- If I’m with company, take only at most 3 shots of something
- Provide better description / caption of the photo
- Reduce my hashtags
- If I’m not 95% happy with a picture, I won’t post it
So here we go!

Haute Headless Day

Well it is officially Halloween so might as well play with the theme. After a not-really-sort of pseudo debauchery night of every woman’s inner seductress coming out, I wanted to bring it back down to reality this morning. My morning reality was staying in bed, reading a few chapters of my book, cleaning dishes, and ironing some clothes.

When I walk out the door in a bit, it’s going to be a new day of new beginnings and new changes. I might as well look the part this All Hallows Eve.

Jean jacket purchased at Tinseltown
Lace tank from Urban Outfitters
Pearl necklace from Urban Outfitter
Crop pants from Joe Fresh
Shoes from Clark’s

Reading Reused

Since I moved into my new digs, I’ve been thinking of affordable ways to decorate my place and be DIY about it. This whole moving and decorating process has made me realize what a complete control freak I am haha.

One fun unique way to decorate is to spruce up your shelves and table tops with ‘origaming’ your old books (folding the pages)

I first learned this on Urban Rush awhile back and then saw it again at EQ3 recently.

Here’s instructions on how to achieve the above book’s effect:
1) Find a small notebook size hard-cover, preferably one that has less than 300 pages (you’ll know why in a bit)

2) Start the page folding around “1-2 chapters” in but feel free to start anywhere

3) Fold one corner of a page in until you can feel the edge align with the binding..close to a 45 degree fold. This serves as a easy guide for the rest of the folding

4) Fold up the other corner the same way and you’ll get a triangle shape

5) Keep on folding the same way until about ’1-2 chapters left’ to even it out. Don’t worry about fully creasing each page. When done, just stand / sit on the book to crease all the pages at once.

And that’s it! Have fun and experiment away! Here’s another one I did over the weekend.

Depends on difficulty of fold and thickness of book, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to do one book (and that’s why you want to get a short novel lol). It goes by fast if you do it while watching tv :)