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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt started in California in 2007 and within a few years it has become a popular fast growing chain. It’s popularity further skyrocketed with star sightings at its location from paparazzi friendly Paris Hilton to Hollywood parents like Bennifer. This self-serve frozen yogurt joint recently opened in the Fairview area near the Cambie Street Bridge.

You go in and there’s a selection of frozen yogurt in yogurt that you can mix and match. And the cool thing is that they have nearly 100 flavours in rotation which include a range of regular, nonfat, low-carb, no added sugar, gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free yogurts. You can expect flavours from fruit to just plain old vanilla and chocolate to ones that really taste like dessert in a cup (ie Red Velvet, cookie, cake etc).

In terms of toppings, there’s an assortment of candies, usual ice cream like toppings like sprinkles, chocolates and nuts

Also some fruits and these amazing popping bobas which are so much more amazing than bubble tea pearls.

As mentioned on their website, you ‘mix’ your combination of yogurt, then they weigh it for you, and you pay ($0.55/oz)

It’s a fun place to check out for a light healthy dessert and a chance to be creative and play with your food.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
2315 Cambie St
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West Restaurant

When my friends planned to Dine Out this year, I only wanted to try out 2: West and Hawksworth.  For the last fews years, I’ve been VERY reluctant in going out during dine out  as my experiences have been sub par.  This time around if I were to try something out it had to be at stellar restaurants.  There were other notable top notch restaurants on the list but just  just oddly enough I haven’t dined at either chosen reputable dining establishments. I’ve heard West was always good to go to for Dine Out and Hawksworth is just this past year’s stand out.

Here’s a quick picture post of the first stop: West Restaurant

Our table wasn’t ready yet so we just at the impressive bar and ordered some cocktails. I ordered the sweet tangy nectar that is the Gingerly. It was a delicious combination of Mandarin juice, gin, lemon juice, gingery syrup, green tea syrup topped with pomegranate.

When we were told about the fresh crispy West Fries with truffle aioli, we couldn’t say no to that

As my appetizer, I chose the nice moist flaky trout salad

I was pretty torn in deciding which main course to get but finally decided on the pork cheek

It’s a pretty intelligent gourmet take on ‘pork chops and apple sauce’ . It’s apple cider braised pork cheeks with cous cous, gala apples, and brown butter jus. Of course they picked a perfect apple that’s not too tart nor too sweet to use for the pork cheeks. You can actually taste the apple cider as you ate the pork cheeks and the meat was pretty tender.

Since there were a couple of us, we strategized and ensured that we were able to try all of the desserts offering

It was a choice of chocolate ganache with raspberry compote and ice cream, roasted apple pastry with cranberry ice cream, and lastly buttermilk cake with passionfruit curd pineapple salad fresh frozen vanilla yogurt.  Hands down with unanimous vote our favourite dessert was the buttermilk cake and passionfruit.  There is just something with the passionfruit curd and pineapple salad that made the dessert pop and memorable.

Throughout the whole night the service was attentive and was very glad that the staff didn’t treat Dine Out folks as second class diners.

West Restaurant
2881 Granville St
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It’s a rarity when after dining at new restaurant I would exclaim ‘can’t wait to go back!’; Suika was one of those restaurants.  Everything I had ranged from good to WOAH!  Since I was with my dining partner, we had shared a number of dishes and each was unique in taste but all delicious.

Suika is located in the Fairview near the corner of West Broadway and Fir Street.  It’s funky modern dark wall decor sort of reminds me of Toratatsu but without the Jazz feel.

Suika describes itself as a Japanese Snack Bar which I guess is another way to describe a Izakaya.  The menu consists of a large variety of appetizers, cold and hot dishes, and sushis all of which can be easily shared.

We based our ordering on recommendations from fellow food bloggers/twitterers and anything else that sounded good.

Out of the lengthy list of starters, we first went with the Tomato Kimchi

The tomato kimchi combination was so perfect that I’m surprised that nobody else in town seem to do it.  It’s kimchi marinated tomato with Chinese chives and cilantro oil.  The kimchi was actually light and not overwhelming, and it was a pleasantly light and fresh dish.

To continue with the chilled tapas theme, we also ordered Amaebi Kimchi and Lotus Root Kinpira

The Amaebi Kimchi (I was so close in typing amoeba instead) is kimchi marinated sweet shrimp sashimi.  It was certainly a little dish that was too easy to eat.  The shrimp was flavourful and sweet from the kimchi marinate and I made sure every part of it.  I slurped and sucked that little bugger (so inappropriate I know).  The more PG-rated Lotus Root Kinpira is stir-fried lotus root seasoned with fresh shichimi spice.  I grew up having lotus as a soup or in a Chinese stir fry so I welcome different takes to it.  Even thought it was lightly stir-fried, it still had that nice crunch to it.

One of the highly recommended dishes was the corn kakiage.

It’s a butter and soy battered corn tempura.  It was a novel and fun dish but we both commented that it should have the usual tempura sauce to accompany it.  The corn tempura seemed like a dish needed a dip to add more flavours to it.

I love my Japanese comfort food so I requested if we could get the Kakuni Bibimap

It’s stewed pork belly, sweet dried shrimp and scallions on rice served in a hot stone bowl.  The pork belly was nicely fatty and soft, and the rice cooked perfectly.  Of course I made sure I scraped the bottom of the stone bowl to get to the crispy rice leftovers.

The highlight of the dinner was the purely amazing Beef Shortrib

The short rib fried and tossed with sweet balsamic sauce.  And as mentioned one the menu, it’s like pork but not pork.  It was really close to the softness of pork belly.  When it arrived to the table, we were surprised at the generous portion of it.  The meat just fell off the bone and melted in your mouth.  After each bite, we both exclaimed ‘oh my god, this is so good’.

And because we were at a Japanese restaurant, I had to try the sushi.

The Negitoro Battera is pressed sushi with tuna belly, scallions, avocado, sesame topped with home made soy dressing and seaweed sauce.  To be honest, the Negitoro sushi roll is one of the more boring rolls for me but Suika made it more interesting.  The soy dressing and seaweed sauce definitely added more flavour and much needed to the dish.

We left Suika with our stomachs full and a smile on our faces.  It was a very satisfying dinner and, as mentioned before, I can’t wait to go back again.

1626 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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