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Pourhouse Restaurant

I’ve sat at that handsome bar many times and with various friends. It held my numerous drinks and kept my countless secrets. With one hand around a well-crafted cocktail, I’ve shared aspirations, jokes, heartaches, frustrations, fears, and achievements with my close ones. Sometimes the bartenders would lend their ear and nudge a drink our way to either ease our pains or celebrate with us.

When I was new to cocktails and could only muster up a basic sketch of what I wanted, the bartenders would stand there attentively and pondered. They pondered with seriousness of what this novice wanted and would magically create concoctions that matched my mood of the moment. And overtime I learned to develop a palette and can confidently declare my drink of the night.

These dapper bartenders, in their suave ensemble, have character and charm. They know it’s not just about the drinks, it’s also about the service and experience. They may not know your name but they’ll recognize your face, and more than likely they’ll remember your drinks weapon of choice. They treat everyone who sit at the bar with equal care. They don’t balk at the idea of using vodka in a drink nor would they flinch when a group of Cougars ask for a round of Cosmopolitans. They would nod, smile, and affirm your drink is on its way.

It’s also about the food. I’ve committed all sorts of diet and food sins at this restaurant. Sometimes a dish of gourmet comfort is hard to deny. After a few drinks, my appetite would manipulate me to order more and assuage some unknown craving.

It’s hard to find that neighborhood bar or restaurant where you feel at ease; the type of bar where you can wearily walk in after work, occupy a comfortable stool and call it a second home. Even though Pourhouse has gotten busy and popular over the years, when I’m there with one of my best friends or with a group of wonderful people (you know who you are)…I call it my second home.

Pourhouse Restaurant
162 Water St
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The Social Feed and The Anthology: Fashion and Design Feed

The ever so popular and charismatic Kelsey of The Anthology invited me to a dinner with a cause. The Social Feed and Kelsey partnered up for a Fashion and Design Feed. Along with meeting new friends and having fun food at The Irish Heather, donations went toward a great organization: Dress for Success

The Social Feed organizes giant dinner parties at independent restaurants around Vancouver and Toronto. I actually sat beside one of the founders, Alex, throughout the whole night. We totally nerd-ed out and talked about what kind of tech & programming skills we have and what’s the latest programming languages, etc. And of course we discussed in-depth of the food scene in Vancouver.

It was sort of banquet communal style dinner where plates of food were brought to the table and we just passed the plates around. We grazed, drank, and talked throughout the whole night.
The vegetarian menu consisted of:

Arugula and Beet Salad
Chick Pea Stuffed Ravioli with lemon, garlic, chilies and pecorino
Roasted Cauliflower kale, fried garlic, cress & caper dressing
Braised Greens with Chilies and Garlic
All of that downed with a nice pint of Orchard Hill Cider
I met some very fashionable ladies and gents that night. Got to meet Kelsey’s siblings and I can see the fashion gene runs through the whole family.  It was also oh so nice catching up with great folks! Bumped into Maurice, Grace Carter (of previous Invoke now at Aritzia..we both knew each other during our Blast Radius days), and my long time pal Liv of A Beautiful Life.
I didn’t take a pic of my outfit but per fashion blog I’ll list what I wore:
Soft dark blue throw-on cardigan from Ishara
Vintage gold crepe tank top..which I got for $15
Black Rich & Skinny jeans..which I got for under $40! (score!)
Leather knee high boots (I think I literally sleep in them)
It was fun rubbing shoulders with such a great crowd and being a part of such a good cause.  Thanks again Kelsey for the invite!

Social Feed Vancouver

The Irish Heather
208 Carrall St
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Coma Food Truck

The boom of food carts this past year has me lamenting that I can’t easily walk out and enjoy all that street cuisine. I haven’t been able to jump on that delicious band wagon like my fellow food friends. I’ve been lucky enough to try only a handful like The Juice Truck and Fresh Local Wild. My inner food nerd rejoiced when I learned that the mothership was holding a mini Farmers’ Market.

The Farmers’ Market was pretty decent with a number of produce, clothing, and food vendors.  However, I was only interested in one thing – the food trucks!  And the one in particular I was most interested in trying was Coma Food Truck.

The name ‘Coma’ is derived from the clever mix of  the words Korean, Mexican, and American…which represents what they do.  In their nifty shiny vehicle, they cook up a master fusion of all three types of cuisine.  When I walked by, you could tell their reputation preceded them as they had a decent lineup of hungry folks wanting to try one of their handheld meals.  It also helps that they do a great job with using Facebook and Twitter to promote their business, message about their locations, and actively interact with people — the basic rules of a successful food truck social media strategy

Their menu is a selection of typical American and Mexican items but with a Korean twist.  I ordered their popular Korean Style BBQ Burrito with spicy pork.

It was a meal and half in my hands.  The burrito was jam packed with cheese, vegetables, corns, tofu, Korean style bbq pork. Once you unravel it, you can definitely smell the sweet, tang, and spice from the ingredients and marinate.  Because it’s such a huge wrap, each bite was different.  I only managed to finish half of it and saved the rest as a 2nd meal ;)

I always like a good fusion experiment and appreciate Coma Food Truck’s interpretation of Korean fusion.  Next time if I happen to cross paths with Coma, I’m going to go back to basics and try their bibimbap…..and hope it’ll warm me up from the supposed coldest winter in Vancouver’s history.

Coma Food Truck
Various Locations
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