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Vancouver Winter Farmers’ Market

I’m in love with farmers’ markets. When I travel, that is one of the first things I would add to my itinerary. I just love walking from one stand to the next and discovering new foods to try. Raising my hand in guilt, I also sampled too but with each bite my environmentally friendly grocery bag gets heavier too.

This year I bought a bevy of healthy items such as vegan pates, root chips, lots of mixed greens, and cheeses. Also, I didn’t deny myself trying the many street food trucks that were at the market.

Of course I had to grab a bite from the famous pink La Boheme Creperie truck, the popular farmers’ market mainstay. It continuously gets the longest lineups and there’s a reason why. Their crepes are no regular crepes you get when you have hunger pangs while walking through downtown. Their buckwheat style crepes menu is innovative, fun, and experimental. The nuttiness from the buckwheat went well with the savoury crepe of greens, bechamel, cheese, tomato and vinaigrette.

La Boheme Creperie

I’ve been meaning to try Yolk’s Breakfast Truck…especially since it’s regular spot is only a block and a half away from work. It’s an excellent breakfast sandwich of poached free range egg with your choice of toppings and bread. I went for the somewhat classic of english muffin, poached egg, portobello mushroom and hollandaise sauce. It’s a deliciously messy sandwich as within one careful bite the yolk oozes all over your sandwich (and your hand). Of course I felt major fomo when I saw the plates of chicken waffles being handed out.

Another popular truck that was at the farmers’ market this year was Le Tigre which is run by the tag team of Chef Clement Chan & Chef Steve Kuan. You might recognize Chef Clement as he made a run for Top Chef Canada. They serve Modern Asian cuisine made with high quality sustainable seafood and organic meats. I’d say they are serving fusion food right….finally.

Their beet fries were addictive and they remained hot for awhile
The beet wedges were crispy and had a nice blend of umami with plum powder in the batter and the accompanying 7 spice mayo.

The finger licken popcorn chicken was pretty finger licking good.

The marinated chicken bites was tender, moist, and oh so very crunchy. It reminded me of pieces of karaage.

The very tongue in cheek named kick ass rice with pork belly was my favourite from what we ordered. It’s a bowl of complex and savoury.

Each bite was full of flavour as the rice is cooked in sake, butter, dashi and topped with a perfect poached egg,fresh herbs and thai chillies. I think we tried half of their menu that day.

As much as I like to indulge and get excited about trying the food trucks, it’s looking at the different produce that is inspiring. The type of inspiration where recipes whirl in your imagination, and you can’t wait to concoct a dish in your very own kitchen.

I look forward to rest of the summer and the many farmers’ markets that will liven up our city

La Boheme Creperie
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Yolk’s Breakfast
Yolk's Breakfast on Urbanspoon

Le Tigre Cuisine Mobile Food Truck
Le Tigre Cuisine Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Flo Tea Room

Flo Tea Room is a popular casual Hong Kong Taiwanese Style cafe located on Granville Street in the Marpole area. The menu is a myriad of the 2 cafe styles: bubble teas, noodle soups, pan fried noodles, rice, and hot pot sets. I enjoy coming here because it’s cheap, the variety of food, and the clean bright room. When we go to Flo Tea, we usually order a couple of their snacks.

The assorted seaweed, jellyfish, and ham is a refreshing dish to start

It’s a cold dish with a slight sweet and tangy taste to it with a nice crunch from the jellyfish and seaweed. I just tend to try to order anything seaweed as it’s healthy for you.

Now for the not so healthy, we also ordered the salt and chilli chicken knee joint

It’s the savoury addictive version of the popcorn chicken. The chicken knee joints is deep fried (of course) then mixed with minced garlic, green onion, and chillis. It’s definitely the type of dish you want to have beer.

For something more filling, we shared a bowl of DIY noodle soup

They have a good selection of items you can choose from and the basic is you can order 2 vegetables and 2 meat or fish from that list. For our bowl of comfort with Taiwanese noodles, we picked sliced squash, enoki, pork cheek and fish filet. The fish soup base is light and not overly salty and the portions were decent. I like this type of noodle soup because it’s not packed with msg (I hope) and thus it tastes lighter and healthier.

If you want to order their signature mega honey cube toast, ensure you order it with your meal as it can take awhile for them to make it (they clearly warn you about the time on the menu). This cube toast with trimmings could be a meal itself

The toast inside is carefully cubed into pieces for easy sharing and can taste the subtle honey in it. It’s topped with 2 large scoops of ice cream, syrup of your choice, fruit, and egg roll biscuit. It’s a fun dessert to eat but I think adding a slight drizzle of condensed milk instead of honey inside of the toast would have been better.

For an affordable meal while getting your bubble tea on, give Flo Tea Room a try.

Flo Team Room
7994 Granville St
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