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The PNE 2010

The PNE is about the rides, the animal farm, the crowds, the games, the food, the dog show…and the memories.  100 years worth of memories

I haven’t been to PNE for awhile now so I welcomed the sense the nostalgia when I stepped onto the grounds. It was a sunny Saturday so the the crowds came in droves. One of the first things I wanted to do was just walk around and take in the atmosphere. Along the way, we played games that were obviously hard to win…except Whack a Mole! I won myself a monkey on the first try!  My friends braved the Revelation.

Secondly, we wanted to try all the bad snacks our stomaches could handle.

There was good old fashion cotton candy

And after much walking around, it was time for dinner. We planned to check out the various food stands and munch to our heart content. When I saw the Roaming Dragon Food Truck, I knew that was my meal of the night

I’ve been a strong critic of local Asian fusion but now trying to be more open minded about it. Explaining why I’m such a non-supporter of that cuisine would take up a full post. But if fusion restaurants follow the foot steps of izakayas and Roaming Dragon, I’m willing to convert.

We ordered the braised pork belly sliders, Korean shortribs taco, and curry fries to share. The sliders with tender pork belly and pickled cucumbers topped with green onions are served on steamed mantou. The pork was soft and delicate which is attributed to excellent braising. The Korean shortribs taco was super packed with beansprouts, carrots, spinach, shitake mushrooms with this sweet tangy sauce which sort of reminded me of hoisin. It was served in small tortillas lined with a sheet of nori. The fries were pretty simple with seasoning salt drizzled with a light curry sauce.  It was all washed down with a refreshing lychee basil lemonade..I bet it would taste even better as a cocktail

We also considered lining up for the mini donuts and beaver tails but we preferred to leave our digestive systems in good shape for the ultimate fried food: garlic poutine, deep fried oreos and deep fried mars bars.

Garlic poutine was a bowl of hot fried mess of gravy and cold cheese curd.

And you can’t really critique packaged junk food that’s been battered and deep fried…and mutated into mush. But now I can claim I’ve tried it and survived.

It was long day of work, food, walking, and ‘search for game with the best toys’.  The PNE is really a summer cornerstone of Vancouver and a yearly pilgrimage that’s worth doing.  Next year,  I’m going to do a true blender fender of coasters and cuisine.

(food photo credits to Allan Chang and his fancy-I-really-want Lumix camera)

PNE – Pacific National Exhibition
2901 East Hastings Street

Roaming Dragon Food Truck
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British Candy Pop

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged something that’s not food-related. So I want to insert more of my beloved Brit pop into your potential playlist.
There’s been a surge of young female pop artists, ie Lady GaGa and Lily Allen, who’s been conquering the charts. These ladies have been exerting some much needed girl power. Here are my faves from across the pond.