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Rosa’s Cucina Italiana

Continuing with my adventures outside of downtown Vancouver, I went a tad further…like out to Port Moody. We went to a charming little Italian restaurant called Rosa’s Cucina Italiana. It’s owned and managed by a tough lady…the restaurant’s namesake. It’s popular with the locals but it doesn’t take reservations so expect to see a lineup even at 6pm. When we arrived at around 7pm, we waited for half and hour which is considered ‘not too bad’. With the wait in the wet cold, I hoped it was worth it.

The picture gallery of famous, somewhat famous, and infamous past patrons lined the walls. We found the likes of Canucks players past and present, singers like Michael Buble, politicians,…and Ron Jeremy.

I was warned about the portion size of the dishes. It was likened to Anton’s but few notches better. As we were waiting, we saw that most people left with a doggy bag of their Even with that in mind, I ordered appetizers to start

The dish of sauteed mushrooms was big with a half garlic’s worth in it. I appreciated the portion but it wasn’t that well cooked. The texture was still firm and it was only light sauteed and cooked. It needed a few more minutes in the pan.

My friend ordered the Spaghetti Vongole

It’s a simple spaghetti with clam and red sauce. It’s a big hefty platter and the sauce consisted of lots of minced onions, garlic, clams and tomatoes. However, it wasn’t terribly flavourful even with all that sauce. Also the spaghetti itself was questionably not freshly made.

I naively ordered the Mancotti

The mancotti is like between a lasagna and canneloni. It was a scary casserole of spinach, ricotta stuffed pasta in a rose sauce. Or more like pasta swimming in cheese, grease, and sauce. I only managed to eat two thirds of it.

Rosa’s is neither a high end nor a specialized Italian restaurant. It’s more like the food you get if you go to your Italian friend’s family for dinner. It’s all hearty, low key, and homecooked. It undeniably serves these dishes in huge quantities and portions but too huge for me.  Rosa and the staff were incredibly friendly and I always enjoy the vibe of a family run restaurant.

It is a few steps above an Anton’s or Anducci’s but it’s too much carbs and grease for me.

Rosa’s Cucina Italiana
2331 Clarke St
Port Moody, BC V3H
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