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Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House

Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House replaced the popular Shanghai Village in the South Cambie area.  The new restaurant looks relatively the same as its predecessor except for a few touches and the tables.  I went there earlier this summer with Victoria and Mel and since then I’ve been back a few times.

The food is passable but not great, and the service is sometimes friendly and sometimes just negligible.  We go back because it’s a convenient place to go to and they do have a wide range of dishes.

Each time I’ve gone back to Wang’s, we would start with the a la cart small appetizer platter.  You can pick and order 3 or 5 from a selection on their appetizer section.  And as you may know, I have an adventurous stomach so I’ve tried items like sliced beef, dried tofu, beef tripe, spicy cucumber, seaweed, and cucumber in chilli sauce.

One of their signature noodle soups is the Spicy Beef Brisket Noodles

The soup base was for sure spicy but a bit too oily for my liking.  The beef was tender while the thick noodles were nice and chewy.   But for a signature dish, it wasn’t memorable except for just being too spicy.

I’ve ordered one of my go to favourites here: beef pancakes

It’s pan fried green onion pancake rolled with sliced beef.  Sometimes the beef is marinated and Wang’s version the sliced beef is mixed with hoisin sauce.  The pancake was nicely pan fried so it was crispy on the outside and not too greasy however I prefer it was thinner like at other restaurants.

Another traditional we’ve ordered was the potstickers

The potstickers were different than the ones found at other Northern Chinese and Shanghai restaurants.  These longer type of dumplings are Taiwanese style made.  It was nicely pan fried so each bite had a good crunch.

Out of curiousity, I ordered to the hefty pan fried chive pancake

The skin used for this seemed like the one used for pan fried potstickers.  Each slice was filled with minced chives, garlic, and vermicelli.  The flavours were simple and it was messy to eat for sure.  I did like the crispy-ness from it being pan-fried.

Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House is not too bad.  I like the variety of dishes and their teas, like bubble teas, are a good deal. But if you’re looking for good quality Taiwanese cuisine then you might want to head straight to Richmond and Burnaby.

Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House
3250 Cambie Street
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De Dutch Pannekoek House Facebook Competition

Hi everyone..I’m back! I took a bit of a hiatus due to work but hope to start back on the blogging train and bring you new eats and bites.

Right off the bat for the holidays is the De Dutch Pannekoek House Competition. If you don’t know what a pannekoek is, you can sort of guess from its name: it’s the Dutch version of a pancake. It’s thinner, almost crepe like, and larger than the pancakes that we know of. With the pannekoek you can have it just plain, sweet, or savoury.

The popular De Dutch Pannekoek was started by a young Dutch immigrant named John Dys. Through gumption, entrepreneurial spirit, and hard work, he brought this unique traditional Dutch dish to Vancouver.

At these legendary local restaurants, there is a variety of signature and D.I.Y pannekoek dishes.  This past weekend we checked out the De Dutch around Cambie and West 2nd.  It’s a small, quaint, bright, and comfortable restaurant to be at for a quiet Sunday brunch.  We tried the Amsterkoek which had Poached Eggs, Edam, Ham and Hollandaise Sauce, Tomato Garnish. And to satisfy our sweet tooth, we also ordered the Peach Melba which was plain pannekoek with a sprinkle of sugar and served with peach and raspberry topping.

Aside from the light thin pancakes, you can also order other items like burgers, omelettes, bennys, wraps and sandwiches. Our other dining mate ordered the very filling DeBakon & Eggs: bacon, choice of egg style served with Toast, Hash Browns and Garnished with Garden Salad or Fruit.

And here’s your chance to win a hearty meal at your local De Dutch!

De Dutch Pannekoek has a Facebook Competition where you can vote for your favourite sweet vs savoury pannekoek. For the next few weeks, there will be different polls of savoury vs. sweet items that you might prefer on your pannekoek!

There is a 25% off January 2012 Pass available to anyone on Facebook that likes the De Dutch page and each vote in one of the savoury vs. sweet polls on the Facebook wall enters you to win a $500 De Dutch gift card, awarded Dec 24.

Good luck to all those who enter!

De Dutch Pannekoek House
410 West 2nd Avenue
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Landmark Hot Pot House

Within a 2 month span, I’ve experienced 3 hot pot dinners which is for me a lot.  Having hot pot is like eating at an All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurant, eating a lot of little pieces actually adds up.  One of those hot pot dinners was at Landmark Hot Pot House.  It was close to a ‘hot pot’ tweetup organized by Dennis Pang.  I got to finally meet fellow tweeters/bloggers whom I’ve been tweeting with for awhile: Colene, Rick Chung of Vancouver Daze, and Scott of What’s For Lunch BC

This is going to be a fairly short post as you can only say so much about raw food being cooked in boiling broth.  There was a good 8 to 9 of us so we shared 2 large pots of light vegetable broth and spicy

Like Fatty Cow, there was a selection of sauces of soya , sar char, and sesame sauces for you to mix and match.  Unlike Fatty Cow, it was a cost per dish.  We ordered a huge selection of meats, seafood, carbs, and vegetables.

We ordered items like sliced beef, red snapper, enoki mushrooms, udon, and tofu. Each dish that was brought to us was plentiful and fresh but lacked the variety of Fatty Cow and Little Sheep. I’m all about being economical so rather do the all you can eat where you don’t have to worry about the final amount at the end of the meal.

To be honest, Landmark isn’t my go to place for Hot Pot but they have a stellar Chinese late night snack and fresh congee selection. You get a huge bowl of steaming congee, they bring it to your table, and they mix in the fresh ingredients in front of you. Then you order a couple of side dishes like small plates stir fried veggies, noodles, or seafood to accompany it. Truly a serious post party meal to cure any munchie cravings.

Landmark Hot Pot House
4023 Cambie St
Vancouver, BC V5Z
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