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Toratatsu Japanese Bistro

Toratatsu Japanese Bistro is located in the midst of the ramen boomtown of Robson Street and Denman. Toratatsu is an izakaya that creates contemporary Japanese tapas with a western flair and a touch of French.

The decor is a twist of a modern jazz lounge

It was a night with my beloved foodie friends; and when you have multiple stomaches at the table you take advantage of it by ordering multiple items. We ordered a bunch of tapas so I won’t make this into a long epic novel of a post. In general, most of the dishes were amazing and some were mind blowingly innovative

To start our dinner, the fresh Daikon Salad which is a mix of organic greens, daikon, baby anchovies, shiso, Japanese sour plum vinaigrette. And the amazingly priced Sashimi Platter which is a choice of 3 kinds of fresh assorted sashimi: we picked aburi shime saba (seared at the table which was pretty cool), aburi hotate, and albacore tuna

There was the Beef Tataki Carpaccio which is seared beef sashimi topped with fine shaved red onion salad. The marriage of true fusion of Ishiyaki Risotto which is the risotto of seared scallops, mushrooms, Iwanori seaweed served in a hot stone bowl. Risotto is already hard to make but to conjure up the idea to make it in a stone bowl is gutsy and wonderful.

Next came the wow factor and simply named Cheese Tofu.

It’s creamy mascarpone tofu, toasted almonds, a touch of honey, served with baguette. It was light and soft and more suited as dessert but I’m not complaining.

Still hungry, we decided on the lightly crispy calamari

To warm ourselves from the chilly cold night, hot pot seemed perfect

And my must have of Tarako Kimchi Udon

So much food, too much to describe, and all so good.

What’s my verdict? I can’t wait to go back and try the other half the menu.

Toratatsu Japanese Tapas Bistro
735 Denman St
Vancouver, BC V6G
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La Brasserie

Victoria (Victoria’s Food Secrets) and I attended La Brasserie‘s Oktoberfest themed Second Anniversary party. La Brasserie is one of my favourite restaurants in downtown; they have quality hearty food at decent prices and knowledgeable friendly staff. Plus, I really do think they have one of the best fries in town.

The day of the event was perfect for consuming good rich Franco-German comfort food to fight off the cold breezy weather. The restaurant was generous with the food so we were quite full afterward and didn’t bother with dinner.

The staff dressed the part with pretty authentic looking hats, lederhosens and shoes to help with the festivities…I had my eye on one leggy beauty

We arrived during the ‘media only’ period so we got the chance to sample the food before the masses came in. They kept churning out these AMAZING pork sliders (the pork reminds of the Chinese crispy bbq pork), pretzels, their famous fries, and platters. It was all carefully made bite size servings.

I like to mention again on how delicious the pork sliders were. We fell in love with them so much that we couldn’t help but swoop in for seconds.

I didn’t grab a pint of beer but I did get a glass of wine or 2 to celebrate Oktoberfest…maybe next year I’ll do the real thing…all beer, bratwursts, and pretzels..and more beer.

La Brasserie
1091 Davie St
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