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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt started in California in 2007 and within a few years it has become a popular fast growing chain. It’s popularity further skyrocketed with star sightings at its location from paparazzi friendly Paris Hilton to Hollywood parents like Bennifer. This self-serve frozen yogurt joint recently opened in the Fairview area near the Cambie Street Bridge.

You go in and there’s a selection of frozen yogurt in yogurt that you can mix and match. And the cool thing is that they have nearly 100 flavours in rotation which include a range of regular, nonfat, low-carb, no added sugar, gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free yogurts. You can expect flavours from fruit to just plain old vanilla and chocolate to ones that really taste like dessert in a cup (ie Red Velvet, cookie, cake etc).

In terms of toppings, there’s an assortment of candies, usual ice cream like toppings like sprinkles, chocolates and nuts

Also some fruits and these amazing popping bobas which are so much more amazing than bubble tea pearls.

As mentioned on their website, you ‘mix’ your combination of yogurt, then they weigh it for you, and you pay ($0.55/oz)

It’s a fun place to check out for a light healthy dessert and a chance to be creative and play with your food.

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
2315 Cambie St
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Pretty Perfect Pied a Terre

It was girlie night with one of my friends. We haven’t seen each other since the Olympics and she was giving me the scoop on her new love life. And what not a better way to celebrate new romance then celebrate it at romantic neighborhood French bistro, Pied a Terre.

The decor was very simple with white walls contrasted with rich black tables and leather chairs. Immediately, I noticed the friendly wait staff who seemed nice and keen. When we sat down and got our waters, the manager was very patient in explaining the menu to us…and it was sweet that he seemed ultra concerned about the menu when I told him my gluten & dairy free diet predicament. But he made it work.

My girlfriend and I were starving so we begun our dinner with an appetizer. We shared the steak tartare.

I usually have some sort of fish or shellfish tartare so the steak version was a pleasant surprise. The tartare had a light tangy flavour to it and there was a side of freshly made crisps to scoop it up.

Next came our marvelous main courses. I purposely picked the most diet friendly dish and the manager made notes to the kitchen of what to avoid. My meal was the delicious and light halibut cheeks with morels and vegetables in a tomato and basil jus. My girlfriend ordered the fancy take on duck with orange glaze sauce: Breast of Lac Brome duck; warm salad of potato, haricots verts, duck confit & shiitake mushrooms, tangerine vinaigrette.

My halibut was tender and flaky and the jus was light. I had a few bites of my friend’s dish and it’s probably one of the best prepared duck I’ve ever had. It was not chewy at all and the skin was just slightly crispy.

So it was the end of dinner…and that’s when my discipline completely fell apart. I caved and ordered dessert…the lemon meringue tart was beckoning me. And boy was it good. My friend ordered a crème brûlée – custard like dessert which was incredibly smooth.

We had an amazing time at Pied a Terre and glad it persevered during whole Canada Line development.  I loved the subdued elegant neighborhood feel to it.  Side note…the manager looked awfully familiar to us like a supporting character actor..and it’s bugging me that I can’t figure it out!

Pied a Terre
3369 Cambie St
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Comfort at Peaceful Restaurant

We’ve been feeling the first chills of winter for the last few weeks. And when it gets frosty I immediately think of having noodle soup or congee as the ideal comfort food. Thus eating at Peaceful Restaurant was the perfect place for a simple inexpensive warming lunch.

Peaceful Restaurant Vancouver

This Mandarin restaurant tends to be overlooked because of the neighorboring uber popular Sha Lin Noodle House. Not a lot of locals actually know about Peaceful Restaurant and, like Sha Lin Noodle House and Long’s Noodle House, they make the noodles fresh. Plus their menu is as comprehensive as a telephone book (abide a questionable print menu layout done by a lazy graphics designer).

We started our meal with deliciously savoury and spicy deep-fried calarmari dish
It was not overly battered but still has a good crunch to it, and loved the heat from it being stir-fried in a garlic chilli pepper. I do have a HIGH tolerance for spicy so it was awesome for me.

Next came the addictive Sweet and Sour Cod (crispy sliced basa tossed in a tangy tomato sauce)
Peaceful Restaurant Vancouver - Sweet and Sour Cod
It was like eating savoury candy and I couldn’t stop picking at it.

Of course if you go to a Mandarin or Shanghai style restaurant, you gotta check out their “Xiao Long Bao” (filled with minced pork served with ginger and a savoury a sauce )
Because it’s steamed, the juice from the pork becomes a ‘soup’ inside the buns. So I try to forewarn folks who are new to this delicacy to bite it delicately and slllooOoowwwly to avoid getting scalded. For me, the Xiao Long Bao is the key indicator and sets my impression of the quality of the restaurant. The dumpling size, pork filling portion, ‘soupyness’, and dumpling skin are key criterions of a good ‘bao’. And this aced the test with bonus marks.

My tummy was beckoning to try at least one of the many noodle soups. Since we ordered the two savoury dishes, we wanted something more subtle so went for the Sliced Five Spice Beef with thick noodles and vermicelli
Peaceful Restaurant Noodles
The soup base was not overly salty and light, and it was an interesting change to have 2 types of noodles in one bowl. But I couldn’t really taste the expected spice of the marinated beef.

Lunches like these are the best to escape the cold of snowy weather (like now). I would definitely come back…multiple times. There are WAY too many dishes and goodies on that menu I want to try.

Peaceful Restaurant
532 W Broadway
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