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Market by Jean-Georges Restaurant

It was another gorgeous summer night and having a patio dinner seemed fitting. Since I was feeling literally ‘under over-dressed’ for most of the afternoon, thought I better make use of my outfit at an appropriate restaurant; that restaurant turned out to be Market.

I’ve only been to the lounge area and had nice cocktails with their signature side popcorn. It has a great dining area but I’ve heard mixed reviews so we thought to give it a try to see what it’s all about.

The patio was very lush and comfortable with fancy Oprah-worthy cushioned patio furniture.  It felt like a potential spot for one of those Hollywood parties as most of the female diners were dressed to the nines. I was like in short shorts, cute bootie sandals, and girlie lacy tank top => ‘under over-dressed’. As we walked to our table, we were greeted by at least 4 wait staff.  We were starving so we started with appetizers of scallops and oysters.

The seared scallops were topped with caramelized cauliflower caper with a raisin emulsion. I loved the lightly seasoned seared large scallops and the cauliflower sort of reminds me of Nuba’s najib dish. The accompanying raisin emulsion was interesting as I couldn’t tell it was made out of raisin at all…it tasted like those Chinese salted preserved prunes. In general, it was a good delicious dish but expecting a bit more for the $12 price tag.

As my main, I ordered the halibut

The pacific halibut was served with sautéed spinach Sweet Garlic Lemon Broth. The fish was nicely encrusted in (I think) panko base seasoning. It was a nice mix of light crunch with the tender flaky halibut.  The sauce didn’t overwhelm the dish and added nice hint of citrus.

My friend ordered the lobster which I didn’t try but here’s a snapshot of the colourful dish

The food in general was great and the service was professional and attentive. Market is a go-to place if you want to treat yourself to a formal fine dining experience. But for this low key wallet conscious girl….I’m perfectly happy with my cafes and neighborhood dives.

Market by Jean-Georges
1115 Alberni Street
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Bite out of Big City Cupcakes

After a savoury tasty dinner at Guu Garden (post to come), we needed some dessert to end the night.  Right around the corner was Big City Cupcakes with the bright colourful frostings leading me to it like a beacon.

The display shelf was filled with vibrant beautiful cupcakes.  This large cupcake franchise also sells gluten, dairy, and egg free options too…as if they’re any healthier ;)

Chenoa and I decided to pick one each:  she picked the Strawberry Shortcake and I went for the Chocolate Mint.  Both were pretty good with the cupcake base moist and spongey.  It had a certain homemade taste to it whereas I found its competitor, Cupcakes, to have a greasy aftertaste to theirs.

The frostings carried the flavour of its namesake.  As much I like frosting, it was one the cavity-inducing sweet side even though I did like how my minty my Chocolate Mint frosting was.  I’ve had several cupcakes around the city and from the big grocery stores, and I can vouch that Big City Cupcakes has one of the better selections around town.

Big City Cupcakes
1015 Howe St
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True La Taquerias

La Taqueria is a shack-like restaurant that serves authentic Mexican street tacos. And being in BC, their angle is incorporating local, organic, sustainable ingredients.

Before we caught our movie at Tinseltown, we first made our way to this little spot for a quick dinner. Since its opening, I’ve heard great things about it. The place is pretty small and can seat about 10 people or so. The chalkboard over the kitchen lists the variety of meat and vegetable tacos to choose from. The tacos are small enough so you can order a couple to try (Meat $2.50/each or 4 for $9.50; Veggie $2.00/each or 4 for $7.00). I decided to order 3 veggies.

I had 2 Tinga De Hongos (sauteed mushrooms in chipotle sauce) and a De Picadillo (sauteed ground tofu in chin chin’s secret sauce). The tacos were on the spicy side and I actually got full from eating all three. Even though the sauces are suppose to be different, the chipotle and chin chin’s secret sauce tasted the same to me. However, whatever the sauce, it tasted fresh with great strong tangy flavours.

And if you want to add more kick to it, on one side of the room is a counter full colourful salsas and condiments.

For cheap quick bite, and not referring to the local dollar pizzas, do try out healthy authentic La Taqueria.

La Taqueria
322 West Hastings St
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