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Olympic Vintage

I like anything retro and vintage, so when I saw @adamkambeitz tweeted a site of vintage Olympic posters, it inspired me to do some quick researching too. The posters and graphics I found were fascinating; you could tell the influence of the country and time period behind each one. Even the posters of the first few Games were vastly different from each other

(left to right: 1986 Athens, 1900 Paris, 1904 St. Louis)

Instead of pins collecting there was stamp collecting.

(Olympic fencing stamp, c. 1952, Hungary)

And with anything vintage, it’s a fun funky piece to have as part of your wardrobe

Looking back, the Olympics have been cool and classic, and all about having class (take note UK press).

Indie I Do Wedding Show

Being in the company of super talented friends, made the experience at Indie I Do even more memorable and endearing…in short, kicked it up a notch. Roll call time! We have the soon-to-be blushing bride artistic Chenoa of One Dove; multifaceted beauty consultant, Lisa of The Lovely; the sharp eyes behind TK Photo, Tina; designer and makeup artist ingenue, Heather; and cool artsy techie developer, Susannah. Quite the venerable group if I do say so myself.

Indie I Do isn’t just about being a funky alternative to the pomp and circumstance. It’s about letting couples explore their fun sides and bring their unique personalities to the important event. And even though some of us didn’t have to prepare for any nuptials, we had a grand ol’ time.

The show stopper was definitely the brave and sassy girls who are friends and clients of East Vanity Parlour sporting their fine do’s. If you want to experience some sexy time yourself check out local burlesque companies like Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society and The Cabaret of Copious Curves. The performances made all of us giggle and blush.  But watching their fearless performances made me proud to be female…”I am Woman, Hear me Roar!” grrrrr

Even in a small venue, there was a wide variety of baubles, bling, dresses, and baked deliciousness. One of the first stands I went to was CoCo Cake. They make frosty cupcake goodness (and cakes) in all of its cute glory. I tried the lemon butter flavoured mini cupcake and it was nicely tangy and sweet. Around the corner was April Cakes where their multi-tiered creations are akin to what you would find on an episode of Cake Boss.

There were 2 particular accessories tables that caught my eye. Street Cat Designs has these dainty elegant mesh like necklaces which are perfect for casual or bridal wear. And I was fortunate enough to meet and recognize @tellytelly of Telly Designs. From her collection, without a second thought, I bought a very elegant Victorian broach-like ring.

And what’s a wedding show without a display of grand wedding dresses. The models pranced, danced, and sashayed in a variety of modern and simple gowns

There are so many more great shops, vendors, and businesses to talk about but if I did this would turn into a novel. I truly had a wonderful time and hope to catch these local shops at other shows.

Even though I don’t have a ring on it, at least I know what it may look like ;-)

Street Creds with Plaid

Plaid anything has made a huge come back in the last couple of years. Here’s my take on the fashion trend with a mish-mesh of retro and street

And wearing my favourite brass tree-branch pendant (from my bestie who’s living in the UK)

My friend was wearing this chic Russian-Princessish jacket that was quite the eye catcher. Doesn’t hurt she’s also one of the most hawtest females I know.

Even in workout clothes, she oozes sex appeal…wonder if that can be bottled up?

Plaid dress from Etsy
Belt from Jacob
Stocking from Calzedonia (Italy)
Boots from Tokyo
Leather Jacket from Rome
Pendant from London, UK