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Oui, Cafe Salade de Fruits

Found a piece of France that was more French than the restaurants I ate at in Paris. The dinner we had at Cafe Salade de Fruits is what good back-to-basics French cuisine is all about.

Cafe Salade de Fruits is tucked away on the side of Granville and West 7th in the French Cultural Centre. The restaurant spills into the front lobby area so passerbys who are heading into the Centre gets to have a peek at what you’re eating. It’s quite the quirky space with decor that looks like it should belong to a festive cabana and not of a French bistro. But it was still comfortable, fun, and relaxing.

The staff speaks French so it brings a touch of authenticity to the place…and made me feel guilty for not being fluent in our country’s second language. But that was ok since our French waiter was cute and charming, and whatever he said in his cute French accent was…cute. If he was trying to sell me socks, I would have bought it on the spot.

In our poor French we managed to make out what some of the dishes were, of course with much help from our waiter. We started off with a simple mixed green salad topped with generous servings of feta, a papadum, and in a light balsamic dressing.

Our main dishes were simple, no fuss at all, with subtle flavours. The portions were plentiful at amazing prizes.    My companion ordered this amazing duck confit (2 legs) with steamed vegetables and buttery mashed potatoes…all for only $17.99. The meat just fell off the bones and was incredibly tender.

I ordered the ‘Poisson du Jour’ which was Vietnamese cod in a light lemon sauce also served with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The fish was light and flaky and melted in your mouth. The heavenly dish was only $16.99

This little cafe shows that you don’t need to go to a fine dining establishment and pay fine dining prices to experience excellent French cuisine.  I absolutely fell in love with this place and would come back again to try out my high school French….or at least just listen to it all night long.

Side Note: they only accept cash. And closes Sunday and Monday.

Cafe Salade Fruits
1551 W 7th Ave
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Eurotrip 09: My French Food Fling

Paris was the first city on our whirlwind trip. And from what I saw, the ‘City of Love’ deserves its reputation. It was lovely to see couples being openly affectionate with each other: a caress of the hand, a kiss on the fingers, a peck on the lips. It just seems like in this vibrant city, the love between two people reverberates even more so.

So in this city, I indulged in one of my ‘amours’…sweets and pastries.
French Pastries

Almost every morning, we would venture out, find an artisan patisserie, and randomly choose a pastry for breakfast. The selection, smells and the colours from these patisseries were amazing.

Of course, we had to indulge all, if not most, of the well known foods of France like cheese, foie gras, escargots, bread, and wines. And it seems like the French don’t mind indulging in the occasional ‘North American’ fare too.

French burgers

I was very tempted to order the ‘Royale with Cheese’

Eurotrip 09: A Different Look

It’s always hard to capture the awe of a place. I did the usual touristy bit and happily snapped away at things that were synonymous to the city ie Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, etc. Maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me, but there were also unique images and moments that gave a new perspective to the destination.

My amateur abstract/street photographer side enjoyed seeking out these interesting angles. There were times I wished I did bring my DSLR to take better pictures…. but then my chronic aching shoulder reminded me it was a good idea not to.

With my point-and-shoot in hand, I tried to take advantage of all the preset and manual features and put my rusty photography skills to use.

Like to think they turned out pretty well.

Pondering about Paris:

Storyland outside of Venice:

Face of Florence:

Take Flight in Rome: