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The Templeton

The Templeton is a fun 1950s style diner located on the busy Granville Strip.  When you walk in, tt gives you a sense of nostalgia of what Vancouver would have been like in the rockin’ 50s.

Since Twisted Fork had a huge lineup, my friend and I decided to walk down the street to try Templeton as we haven’t tried it before.  It was nearly noon when we arrived and as expected there was a lineup to get in; if there is no line up around brunch time to a place that serves brunch, then that’s a bad sign. We only waited for less than 10 minutes when we were finally seated at the counter.

Everything about this diner was so cute! From the checkered floor to the tableside jukeboxes…it made me feel like I should have been in a poodle skirt.

I scanned the menu and there was too many things I wanted to try. My friend decided on the blueberry banana pancakes and I was planning to order the Mangled Eggs which was real or veggie bacon, 3 eggs scrambled, Montreal brie inside a toasted croissant, with a side rosemary potatoes. But at the very last minute, I switched to the pancakes too. The waitress thought it was hilarious that I switched from a heavy savoury dish to a sweet one. But I haven’t had pancakes for ages and a blueberry banana pancake covered with real maple syrup sounded cavity-inducing delicious.

It was a plate of 3 huge pancakes filled with blueberries and pancakes. I made a poor showing of only being able to finish 2 of the 3. It wasn’t too bad for $7. On the menu, there was also a baked grapefruit that looks interesting to make in the near future.

I think the Templeton will become on of my go-to places for good hearty low key brunches. And according to the number of brunch posts I have on this blog, you can tell what’s my favourite meal of the day

The Templeton
1087 Granville St
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Tastebuds refined at The Refinery

Few weeks ago, I organized a stagette at The Refinery. It’s a casual hotspot with decently priced good food and has one of the best drinks list in the city.

A couple of the girls ordered the Tea Marteani which was a concoction gin, cognac, orange pekoe & earl grey tea, lemon, and egg white. It was a smooth complex sweet drink that added more girliness to the evening. Definitely places like The Refinery, George Lounge, Pourhouse, and the Alibi Room have upped the originality and quality of bartending in the city.

I wasn’t feeling too hungry when we reached the restaurant as I had stuffed my face silly with treats at the bride’s place. The Stuffed Portobello Mushroom caught my interest as it sounded healthy and fresh

The portobello mushroom with red pepper and cashew “pate”, fresh dill, and arugula pesto was really good. I think the cashew pate helped make the dish more filling. It had a mix of other spices which mellowed the taste of cashew.

To cap off the dinner, a few us nibbled on the Goat cheese cake with a caramel-almond crust and sour cherries.

Since it was made out of goat cheese, the cheesecake was very rich and the cherries helped cut the richness.

The Refinery is a intimate sexy place but unfortunately when it was post dinner time the mood changed: it became deafening loud with the crowd and music. Also, the douchery level in that place increased. Both counts are no fault of the restaurant though: the sound system is shared with the more loungey SIP downstairs..and any place that is hip is a magnet for drunk douches.

If you want a chill romantic dinner with someone special, just be there between 6 and 8pm.

The Refinery
1115 Granville St
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Lively Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House

In less than 3 years, Lin has established itself as an award-winning Northern Chinese restaurant…even the reputable Conde Nast Travellers Magazine featured Lin as having the best xiao long bao and noodle soup in the world.

For the quality and ingenuity of the food, the prices are very budget friendly.   All their dumplings and noodles are hand-made too. When you walk in the restaurant, you’ll notice it’s not a particularly polished place but it was comfortable. The waitress who served us was very bubbly and cheerful, and treated everyone as if they were a long lost relative.

We didn’t think too hard of what to order…well because I knew what I wanted lol. Luckily, my family and relatives were pleased with my selection.

Of course, we had to order their highly acclaimed xiao long bao and another dumpling dish, the vegetable and pork dumplings aka shui gao

After a careful bite, I understood why this little package of soup and meat won so many awards. The skin was very delicate and light but not too thin that it would break when you try to pick it up. It was really one of the most ‘soupiest’ dumplings around and the meat filling was very soft. The hearty vegetable and pork dumplings was served in this tasty light broth.

Other well known delicacies to try were the Lion’s Head (aka Chinese meatballs) and the Shanghai Style Meat Cakes

We had the ‘red’ variation of the Lion’s head, pork meatballs, which was braised in soya sauce and oil. The meatballs were very tender but because it was in a soy & oil like stew it was too greasy for my liking. The Shanghai Style Meat cakes are cured meat in puff pastry. I loved how the meat was both savoury and sweet…sort of reminds me of a BBQ pork bun filling, and the pastry was very light and flaky.

The smoked tea duck looked interesting and I thought it would go well with my childhood favourite, the Shanghai style vegetable and salted meat on rice

The smoked tea duck definitely had that smoked cured taste to it but I was disappointed it didn’t have a richer tea flavour. The rice was a bit on the salty side from the meat but it wasn’t overwhelming. My grandparents used to make this for me with diced bak choy and chopped stir-fried beef. Each bite brought back fond memories *sigh*

I appreciate Lin’s approach in making these dishes accessible to everyone, and bringing a feel of a hometown family-gathering to the restaurant. And based on the crowd that night, the neighborhood loves this new kid on the block too.

Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House
1537 W Broadway
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