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Seat Porn

The post is an ode to one of my favourite industrial design sites, Chair Whore. Plus I think the site name is hilarious.

I’ve mentioned to my friends that with all the wacky cool artsy home decor and furniture I want, it’s going to look like a tripped out circus.

The Swedes have done it again…and it’s not Ikea. Designers, Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren, have created this spacing saving and smart chair and table in one

The design of the Odu chair looks like its name. This durable fancy version of bean bag chair is a perfect sphere if you add 2 more.





The Tapisofa is designed to fit in the nook and cranny of a corner of your room. It looks like an oversized comfortable crumbled paper tossed away.

These are some seat lovin’…or can always do some lovin’ on these seats ;-)

Rainy Designs

Our latest stretch of gloomy rainy days inspired my search for modern unique umbrellas. There’s actually a number of creative, techie, and smart designs out there.

One of my favourite finds is the Rain Brush Umbrella

The designer, Liu Hsiang-Ling, turned the tip into a durable silicon brush. To make the time go by, while hiding underneath the shelter from the downpour, you can do some watery calligraphy or an abstract Renoir on the ground.

The Is.a.Brella Umbrella isn’t filled with Pinot Gris but has a nifty design. Jumping onto the bus or running into the mall, you can swiftly wrap up the umbrella into the bottle and look slick walking around with a ‘bottle of wine’

The SENZ is the king of all umbrellas. The winning ergonomic design can withstand up to 70 mph wind, won’t flip inside out, and effectively keeps rain off your back

See…all this rain doesn’t have to be that bad (except for the Olympics)

Beyond Logik

Was doing my usual googling and ‘hey that looks cool’ random clicking, and landed on the genius industrial designer’s portfolio website of Damjan Sankovic. He specializes in industrial, identity, interface and concept design. I already know of his famous cheeky and ergonomically smart “Leaning Towel

But I was absolutely god-smacked blown away by the cipher glass


The glasses are covered with a seemingly random pixel square mosaic.  But you see the magic work once you pour a coloured drink in it.  The squares are placed in a way that the colour of the liquid would blend in with the squares.  When you pour in the drink, a textual image is revealed with the type of drink you’re having.

Crazy…crazy smart and ingenius.