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Reading Reused

Since I moved into my new digs, I’ve been thinking of affordable ways to decorate my place and be DIY about it. This whole moving and decorating process has made me realize what a complete control freak I am haha.

One fun unique way to decorate is to spruce up your shelves and table tops with ‘origaming’ your old books (folding the pages)

I first learned this on Urban Rush awhile back and then saw it again at EQ3 recently.

Here’s instructions on how to achieve the above book’s effect:
1) Find a small notebook size hard-cover, preferably one that has less than 300 pages (you’ll know why in a bit)

2) Start the page folding around “1-2 chapters” in but feel free to start anywhere

3) Fold one corner of a page in until you can feel the edge align with the binding..close to a 45 degree fold. This serves as a easy guide for the rest of the folding

4) Fold up the other corner the same way and you’ll get a triangle shape

5) Keep on folding the same way until about ’1-2 chapters left’ to even it out. Don’t worry about fully creasing each page. When done, just stand / sit on the book to crease all the pages at once.

And that’s it! Have fun and experiment away! Here’s another one I did over the weekend.

Depends on difficulty of fold and thickness of book, it could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to do one book (and that’s why you want to get a short novel lol). It goes by fast if you do it while watching tv :)

Sofa Store Surfing

Friends, coworkers, and tweeps have been victims of my furniture shopping fusses and frets.  Even to furnish my little space has been stressing me out because I’ve painted this interior design in my head and I want it to be perfect.  It’s my first little home so I want it to be fabulous while being frugal.  There’s a lot of Fs going on in those sentences and it’s been EFFing fun and infuriating.  But after all of that initial fuss, I plan to just get a sofa first and build around it.  After 1.5 months, approximately 20 stores, 30-40 sofas, I found the one I like at a good deal.  Wish guys were that easy.

To maybe save you the headache, here are my tips and finds. The furniture shops in this post carry the styles I was looking for: clean lines, simple, fabric upholstery, and contemporary.

If you have coin to spend and want something modern (prices approximately $2000 – $3000)
Fullhouse Consignment – reworked retro furniture.  If I could afford it, I would have absolutely bought something from here

For the more budget conscious and prefer contemporary and practical (prices approximately $1000 – $2000)
From my manic researching, I found a way to price-shop around for a sofa. Most furniture stores carry one or more of these locally-made quality furniture lines: Elite, Van Gogh, and Stylus. Actually Elite and Van Gogh are owned by brothers so they both carry similar sofas, the key difference is that each carry different sizes and types of a particular sofa (it’s sort of like a Best Buy vs Futureshop situation). What’s great about these lines is that you get to pick your fabric, seat cushion, and/or legs…so the final price depends on what you pick out. With Stylus, you also get complimentary cushions in any fabric type you like.

As of now, I know the below retailers carry those lines
Urban Barn
Home Effects – has the best prices on Elite / Van Gogh
Bedcetera – has the best prices on Stylus.  They sell all if not most of the Stylus sofas on their online store at a really good price; however their actual physical stores don’t have many on the floor for you to look at.

How to shop around:
**First off have a colour, type, and size in mind. Go through the Stylus and Van Gogh websites to pick out your faves**
1) Check out the retailer’s website (ie Urban Barn/Moe’s) to see if they carry the sofa you want
or just call Stylus or Van Gogh to ask which retailer around town carries the sofa you like
2) Go to the store and say you’re interested in checking out your particular sofa
2) Any sofa you’re interested in, ask for a spec sheet printout for your records
3) Check and pick out the fabric and sofa cushion at the store. The store should carry the available fabrics
4) Remember to write everything down (fabric/cushion/leg types) and ask the store to provide you the quotes based on your selection
5) Then call Bedcetera (for Stylus) or Home Effects (for Van Gogh) and ask what their price is
6) Take out your credit card or cheque to buy :)

Other furniture shops around town that are in similar prices ranges (not sure if they carry the abovemention lines)
Bayside Furniture

For ok quality at a cheap price (prices approximately $500 – $2000)
Home Quarters

The whole process is a bit arduous (and headachy) but it’s worth it when you find that piece you love while loving your bank account.

Spaces Inspired

My manic researching ways has been channeling its energy into interior design. I am determined to not make it into a college dorm room. I’ve been learning about design tips for small spaces and how to maximize storage. As you can see from my ‘moodboard’ I have an affinity for earthy clean tones with accents of blue. We’ll see how my wallet holds to make my ‘Martha Stewart’ dreams come true.

Few tips I’ve learned:
1) Use a lot of glass and mirrors to reflect light to open the space
2) Colours in the same tone makes the room a continual space
3) Tall shelves and accessories like lamps elongates the room
4) Offset the sharp corners of furniture by also getting ones with curves or in round shapes
5) Cool colors, like blue and green, are best for a smaller room, as they are distance colours
6) Promote a feeling of airiness by using items like wall shelves instead of full ones and sofas with narrow legs