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The Chopped Leaf

For a healthy alternative to the downtown fare of power lunches and take out, The Chopped Leaf is a nice spot to hit once in awhile.

Chopped Leaf is actually a franchise that focuses on healthy eating (of course) and environmentally sustainable foods. Their menu is a selection of gourmet salads or salads you can put together. They also offer salads, wraps, soups, and a light breakfast selection. For $1.50, you can also grab a bottomless glass of their fruit infused water. The last time I was there it was strawberry infused.

The inside is bright, simple, and spacious with bar seating along the windows. It’s one of those places where you don’t comfortable if you want to chill and eat on your own.

I’ve had a couple of their salads and usually I get the Sunshine Salad which is spring mix, cucumbers, mozza, avocado & apples with goddess. The other time I ordered Spa salad with tuna

The side order of Spa Salad is spring mix, tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, cranberries & chopped walnuts with balsamic dressing topped with a generous scoop of tuna. It was a hearty fresh salad for $8.50 which got me plenty full. I like the mix of greens and protein all in one bite. Some may think ($5.50 for a side order plus the extra tuna) $8.50 for a salad is expensive but it’s pretty decent in terms of downtown prices.

I admit I probably can make a salad and bring it to work but that requires buying produce that will go bad in a week. So for a quick guilt-free bite that won’t induce a mid afternoon coma, check out The Chopped Leaf.

The Chopped Leaf
488 Robson Street
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The Greedy Pig

There’s only a few places around town where you feel that certain local vibe. The kind of vibe where it seems like everyone knows each other and the wait staff treats you like a long lost relative: The Greedy Pig is that kind of place.

As much as I fell in love at first sight, I ordered the wrong first dish.

I have a soft spot for the rustic, quaint, and unpolished. Like the very many Gastown restaurants, Greedy Pig is in a historical room.  They serve great sandwiches and showcase local bands. You would think I’d try one of their signature sandwiches but instead I had an urge to be adventurous.

We first ordered the ploughman’s plate which made me feel nostalgic about my times in England

It’s a plate of pate de campagne, dilled ricotta, guinness cheddar, fresh tomato, pickled quail eggs and fresh bread. It was a simple plate of a bit of everything and I liked the variety.

My friend ordered a wild mushroom salad while I poorly decided to go with the marrow & toast

It was roasted veal bones, garlic confit & maldon sea salt with a watercress & orange bouquet, served with toasted baguette. There was more fat than marrow which made me think this fellow didn’t work out that much. And only 2 or the 3 bones on plate were edible. I seriously do not know why I would order such a dish at such a place.

I really liked the Greedy Pig and the super sweet waitress who served us. I would venture back again for drinks and food but next time I’ll get my friend’s approval before making an order.

The Greedy Pig
307 W Cordova St
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Cafe Medina

Belgian fries (frites) and waffles are some of the non-Chinese food I can legitimately be snobby about. I think eating my way through Belgium qualifies me as a near-connoisseur of the two famous staples of that country.  After travelling through the area, I also developed a love for mussels and decadent chocolates.  I think Cafe Medina and Chambar have done a great job introducing this under appreciated cuisine to Vancouver.

After another laborious day of condo cleaning, Chenoa and I made our way to Cafe Medina to reward ourselves with a quality brunch. Unfortunately, we missed the brunch time. To ease our brekkie mood, we ordered one of their famous waffles.

We had this nicely chewy and soft waffle with the White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater sauce. The waffle was of course 100 times better than an Eggo and the sauce was surprisingly light; with all those ingredients one would thing it be overwhelming but it was subtle with a hint of everything.

As my lunch, I ordered the La Tartine

It was marinated shredded carrot, grilled haloumi cheese, tabouleh, houmus, olive  on rosemary sourdough. When I saw it on the menu, I thought it was a sandwich and didn’t expect the colourful platter that arrived. It was a bit baffling to figure out how to best eat it but I just ended up eating one at a time. It was light and healthy tasting, and the bits of olives on the plate added a hint of savoury to the dish.

Chenoa decided on Les Boulettes

It was Spicy Moroccan meatballs and roasted vegetables with a side of humus, yoghurt, cucumber salad and grilled foccacia. These hearty spicy tangy tender meatballs were pretty darn good…but didn’t think that the ‘mystery meat’ used was lamb which Chenoa was allergic to. We ate a bit of it before we realized that there could be lamb in it. The staff was incredibly nice and was willing to substitute another dish for her.

Cafe Medina serves one of the most original and best brunches (and lunches) in the city. They serve quality food at decent prices. For the night time fare, head next door to the popular Chambar and enjoy the food while witnessing cute awkward ‘PlentyofFish’ first dates.

Cafe Medina
556 Beatty Street
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